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Aergo Solutions

Aergo Solutions LLC (f/k/a Citadel Outsource Group)

Aergo’s account representatives follow up to confirm receipt of your claim, ensure no additional information is needed to process, address any issues, verify proper payment is received, pursue unpaid balances, and perform any provider specific administrative processes required to successfully close out the account with either a zero balance or hand off for pursuit of any remaining patient responsibility.

As a partner since 2012, they have provided QHR facilities with the following solutions, to name but a few:

  • Legacy AR liquidation in support of Patient accounting System Conversions
  • Identified Points of Revenue Leakage throughout a Hospital’s Revenue Cycle
  • Recovered on Denied/Zero Balance Accounts
  • Provided the Experienced Staff needed to attain immediate Aging Reduction and Increase Cash Goals

Every engagement is customized to the individual facility considering their immediate initiatives and needs. Aergo will always track performance related to exceeding a hospital’s goals - presenting clearly defined and agreed upon benchmarks.

Contact Info

SSP Contact

Julie Wolff

(703) 628-2127

QPA Account Manager

Deborah Hernandez

(615) 371-4604